Ultraman Nexus DX Armed Nexus Set

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Product Description
The Armed Nexus (アームドネクサス) are the bracers that are on both of Ultraman Nexus' wrists. They can be used for various purposes. The Armed Nexus, unlike most bracers, are not artificial constructs but natural parts of Nexus' anatomy, much like Protectors.

The bracers assist him in manipulating energy for his attacks and can even absorb dark energy and convert it for defense. Their most prominent ability is being used to generate the Meta Field where Nexus can fight Space Beasts without damaging the area around him. They can also be used as blades thanks to their sharp edges.

There are other forms of the Armed Nexus, modified version used by Nexus' Junis Blue form to provide weapons.

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Used, boxed/near complete. Card is missing from the set.
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