Kamen Rider Fourze Astroswitches

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The Astroswitches (アストロスイッチ) are mysterious devices that are the source of Kamen Rider Fourze's powers. They are infused with Cosmic Energy to materialize armaments known as the Fourze Modules (フォーゼモジュール). Ten of them at a time can be carried in the Astroswitch Kaban. They can also be used to operate Foodroids as well as serve as power-ups for Kamen Rider Meteor. It is also notable that the members of Foundation X somehow managed to turn Kamen Riders themselves into Astroswitches.

There are 40 known normal Astroswitches in total, 10 of which each correspond to one of the attachment ports on Kamen Rider Fourze's limbs, known as Module Basements (モジュールベイスメント):

Circle Module Basement (サークルモジュールベイスメント)
Right Arm. Circle Astroswitches in nature tend to be close-combat weapons, as well as having the capacity to change Fourze's States if its number is a multiple of 10.

Cross Module Basement (クロスモジュールベイスメント)
Right Leg. Cross Astroswitches in nature tend to be mid-ranged weaponry.

Triangle Module Basement (トライアングルモジュールベイスメント)
Left Leg. Triangle Astroswitches in nature tend to be themed after transport.

Square Module Basement (スクエアモジュールベイスメント)
Left Arm. Square Astroswitches in nature tend to be battle-support items.

Item Condition
All Astroswitches are in excellent condition. You will receive either a DX, SG or Gashapon Astroswitch, unless stated. Toku Toy Store makes no distinction between each type of switch as the differences are minor.
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