Kamen Rider Gaim DX Sengoku Driver

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The Sengoku Driver (戦極センゴクドライバー) is the transformation belt for the Armored Riders of Kamen Rider Gaim. It was invented by Sengoku Ryoma of the Yggdrasill Corporation as the first generation of Yggdrasill's transformation devices, with the Genesis Driver being the second generation. The Sengoku Driver possesses a Rider Indicator Faceplate (ライダーインジケーター) on the wearer's left hand side. The faceplate indicates what Ride Wear was generated upon attaching to the user during its first use. When the Driver is damaged beyond function, the Rider Indicator becomes blank. Removal of the Rider Indicator allows extensions to be used in its place. In this toy version, swapping the faceplates (sold separately) changes the standby sounds, but in the show, it only reflects what Ride Wear the Driver possesses.

To transform, the user opens the lock on the Lockseed, which causes a dimensional opening into the Helheim Forest to materialize above them and an Armor Part that corresponds to the Lockseed used to appear from it. Afterwards, the user attaches the Lockseed onto the belt's Drive Bay (ドライブベイ) and closes the lock to secure it into the Lock On Arm (ロックオンアーム). Finally, the user presses the Cutting Blade (カッティングブレード) knife down, which cuts open the Lockseed itself, causing the Armor Part to fall on top of the user's head and the Driver to announce the Arms granted, along with its corresponding phrase. When the Cutting Blade is pressed down between one and three times, a Rider can activate a certain ability.

  • Once: Squash (スカッシュ) function can either power up a Rider's Arms Weapon for a finishing attack or allow the user to initiate a Rider Kick when infused with the fruit-shaped/nut-shaped energy of their Arms.
  • Twice: Au Lait (オーレ) function gives extra power to the Squash function.
  • Thrice: Sparking (スパーキング) function can either further enhance a Rider's finishing attack to its full potential or temporarily convert the user's Armor Part into its original fruit/nut form to spin and use as a shield.

Item Condition
Used, loose/unboxed. Item comes with Sengoku Driver, DX Lockseed & Faceplate. Some minor scratches.

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