Kamen Rider Gaim DX & SG Lockseeds

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Lockseeds (ロックシード) are mysterious devices that are the source of the Armored Riders' powers. They all have powers associated with fruits, seeds, berries, and nuts. Lockseeds were originally fruits that grow on trees in the Helheim Forest.

In Inves Games, people use Lockseeds to summon Inves to do battle. When a person wearing a Sengoku/Genesis Driver picks a Helheim fruit, they will quickly convert into Lockseeds; these drivers are also used to activate the Armored Rider powers. When an Inves Game starts, the Lockseeds say "Battle, Start!". After an Inves Game, these Lockseeds say "You Win" or "You Lose" depending on the result of the battle. After a victory, the toy Lockseed says "Rank Up!", which was not used in the show.

Yggdrasil also created fully functional artificial Lockseeds called Energy Lockseeds (エナジーロックシード), more powerful Lockseeds that sacrifices the ability to summon a normal Arms Weapon when used in a Driver, instead summoning a Sonic Arrow. These particular Lockseeds can only be used by a New Generation Rider with a Genesis Driver, though there is a roundabout way Sengoku Driver-wearing Armored Riders can use Energy Lockseeds.

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Used, unboxed. All Lockseeds are in good condition but some may have superficial scratches. All available DX and SG lockseeds are listed here (with the exception of the larger Premium Bandai sets) as well as Gashapon releases that did not get a DX/SG release. 
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