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Eyecons (眼魂) are eyeball-like devices used by the Riders from Kamen Rider Ghost. There are two types of Eyecons, one embodying heroic spirits called Ghost Eyecons (ゴースト眼魂), and the other being sentient Ganma Eyecons (眼魔アイコン). The Ghost Eyecons, upon possession, allows its holder to see and perceive ghostly creatures, such as the Ganma.

The Ghost Eyecons have a Quad Iris (クアッドアイリス), which cycles between four settings when the Ghost Liberator (ゴーストリベレイター) button is pressed.

Standby (待機時): the standard blank setting. Ghost's Eyecons have a default black, while Specter has blue, and Necrom has green.
Startup (起動時): activates when pressing the Eyecon's right side, revealing a letter or a two-digit number.
Henshin (変身時): activates when transforming, revealing an icon that is associated with the Ghost Eyecon's Damashii form's faceplate.
Invocation (技発動時): activates when using an Omega Drive finisher.

There are 15 main Ghost Eyecons as well as a selection of special and Kamen Rider Eyecons. All are fully functional in the Ghost Driver (ゴーストドライバー) which is sold separately.

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