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The Advent Decks are special card decks that each contain Advent Cards used by Riders of Kamen Rider Ryuki and its counterpart Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Advent Decks allow holders to sense the presence of Mirror Monsters and see into the Mirror World/Ventara. They are initially equipped with a Seal Card and a Blank Contract Card. When inserted in a V-Buckle, can change the owner into a Blank form Kamen Rider. To become stronger and obtain more cards, the owner must use the Contract Card to form a contract with a Mirror Monster. Each deck has different weapons and abilities based the Rider's Contract Monster. An Advent/Attack Vent Card summons the Contract Monster and Final Vent in which the Rider and Contract Monster do a combination attack. Besides these cards, there are different categories of Advent Cards, e.g. Sword Vent, Strike Vent, Guard Vent, or Shoot Vent, that multiple Riders have their own versions of. Some Riders also have cards exclusive to them, like Freeze Vent, Spin Vent, and Nasty Vent.

When a user transforms into their Survive/Survive Mode form, their Deck changes color (i.e. Ryuki/Dragon Knight and Knight/Wing Knight's Decks turning from black to red and blue, respectively), increasing the Rider's power, giving them new Visors and allowing access to new cards. In Dragon Knight, Kit Taylor is shows to have cards used by his Survive Mode in his deck many episodes before his actual Survive Mode Card is introduced, implying that all Ventara Riders also have their Survive Mode decks with them, while their actual Survive Mode Cards are kept separate so they aren't tempted to use them when not absolutely necessary.

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