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The WizarDriver (ウィザードライバー) is Kamen Rider Wizard's transformation belt that was given to Haruto by the mysterious White Wizard (白い魔法使い). The WizarDriver is the mystical device that enables Haruto Soma to unlock the powers of the Wizard Rings, allowing him to transform into Kamen Rider Wizard and perform various magical abilities. After Haruto activates the Driver with the Driver On Ring, he transforms into Kamen Rider Wizard by scanning a Transformation Ring worn on his left hand across the Grimoire Stone (グリモワールストーン Gurimowāru Sutōn?) held within the Hand Author (ハンドオーサー Hando Ōsā?). To initiate a spell, Haruto scans a Magic Ring worn on his right hand.

In most instances of using a magical power, the belt announces the ring's name and then "Please" (プリーズ) through the Spell Enchanter (スペルエンチャンター) speaker. However, if a Dragon Style Ring is scanned, instead of announcing "Please" after the ring's element, the Spell Enchanter will announce "Dragon" (ドラゴン). Also, if a Magic Ring that can initiate a finishing attack is scanned, the Spell Enchanter will first announce "Chōīne" (チョーイイネ), then the ring's name, and finally "Saikō" (サイコー).

Wizard can use the Shift Levers (シフトレバー) to switch the position of the Hand Author. Every time the Hand Author's position is changed, the Spell Enchanter announces one of two standby chants:

Left: The Shabadoobi Touch Henshin (シャバドゥビタッチヘーンシーン) chant allows Wizard to use the Transformation Rings to change into different Styles.
Right: The Lupachi Magic Touch Go (ルパッチマジックタッチゴー) chant allows Wizard to use the Magic Rings to cast different spells.
If a Wizard Ring is scanned by a wearer whose magical energy was either misused or lost, the Spell Enchanter will announce "Error" (エラー), meaning it will not be granted.

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Used, boxed/complete. Box is suffering from some wear. Item is in good condition but may have some minor scuffs.

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