Kamen Rider Wizard Wizard Rings

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The Wizard Rings (ウィザードリング) are the jewelery-like power source of Kamen Riders Wizard and Beast, as well as Kamen Rider Wiseman, Kamen Rider Sorcerer, and Kamen Rider Mage. They are rings infused with magical stones, which possess powers that vary between the kind of the stones used in the crafting.

All Magicians possesses two kinds of Wizard Rings: the left-handed Henshin Rings (変身リング) for transformation, with Wizard having the ability to change his current forms and the right-handed Mahou Rings (魔法リング) for performing spells, as well as summoning their personal weapons. 

Item Condition
All Rings are in excellent condition. You will receive either a DX, SG or Gashapon Ring, unless stated. Toku Toy Store makes no distinction between each type of Ring as the differences are minor.
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