Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers DX Individual Zords

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Zords are colossal mechanical or bio-mechanical robots. When monsters grow to incredible sizes, the only way the Power Rangers can fight them is by summoning and piloting these enormous war machines. Usually this will happen towards the end of every episode.

The Zords come in many different forms. Some take the form of animals, both current, mythical, and extinct. Some of them are humanoid in appearance, such as the Shogunzords and Super Zeo Zords. Others simply look like giant vehicles or other traditional machines (examples include the Turbozords, Time Flyers, and Delta Runners). When individual Zords are inadequate for the task, they can join together into a more powerful, humanoid robot called a Megazord.

Every season of Power Rangers from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers onwards saw a new set of Zords being deployed by the current Rangers. Each set is based on the Mecha from the connected Super Sentai series. This change of Zords occurred even before the yearly costume change to match the equivalent Sentai series.

Item Condition
Used, unboxed. All zords are in good physical condition but may suffer sticker damage due to age. Replacement stickers are available for all MMPR zords by request, at additional cost. Zords are sold as seen in the pictures; accessories and weapons are not included unless pictured.
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