Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Artisan OtomoNin Rodeomaru

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Product Description
OtomoNin Rodeomaru (オトモ忍ロデオマル) is one of StarNinger's OtomoNin that is summoned together with Bison King Buggy and the one that rides it. Designed similarly to those of AkaNinger's Shinobimaru, Rodeomaru can eject off the Bison King Buggy to launch rapid attacks, with its punching style seeming to be that from a boxer, and has a giant lasso just like a Western cowboy, similar to what Shinobimaru can eject off Shurikenjin itself. But unlike Shinobimaru, Rodeomaru can be remotely controlled when StarNinger himself is inside the cockpit within Bison King Buggy. In reference to Shinobimaru's ability to act outside the Shurikenjin formation, Rodeomaru can also hold and uses the Bison Rifle on his own. Alternatively, StarNinger can also control Rodeomaru the same way the core Ninningers control their own OtomoNins while Rodeomaru battles solo against giant Youkai.

Item Condition
Used, boxed/complete. There is an issue with the bonus Chouzetsu Akaninger figure. The figure was released with 2 same legs which means it is a struggle to use the figure on Lion Ha-Oh. The Rodeomaru figure is, however, complete and fully functional; it is just the bonus that was released faulty.
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