Uchu Sentai Kyuranger DX Seiza Blaster

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The Henshin Controller Seiza Blaster (変身コントローラーセイザブラスター)is the Kyurangers gauntlet-like transformation device which doubles as a shooting weapon. It has 6 modes and is able to utilize the collectible devices, the Kyutama. To transform, a Kyuranger inserts a Kyutama (キュータマ), making the Changer announce the name of the Kyutama, then pushes it forward, towards the nozzle; then they flip the grip down, shout Star Change (スターチェンジ), then pull the trigger of the blaster to transform.

To attack, a Kyuranger grips the Kyutama and pulls it backward like a joystick. To summon the Voyagers, the Kyurangers push their Kyutama to their left, then press the red button on the side of the changer's hand grip. Afterwards, they are wrapped around a giant Kyutama that becomes their cockpits. To combine their Voyagers into KyurenOh, each Kyuranger pulls the Kyutama to the right to initiate the docking sequence. To activate a finishing strike, a Kyuranger grips the Kyutama and pulls it backward like a joystick two times. The group finisher is the All-Star Crash (オールスタークラッシュ). If all nine Kyurangers fire their All-Star Crash at the same opponent, the attack with create a multicolored blast that slams onto the opponent from above, and leaves a star shaped crater.

The speech of the transformation standby of "Seiza Change" is intonated so it sounds similar to the English phrase "Say the Change!", which more or less is a prompt for the Rangers to say their Transformation Call.

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Brand new, boxed and complete item.

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